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Robert Pattinson is all set to make his Batman debut and he has revealed some major casting insights


Pattinson leaks all about Batman casting system and getting handy tips from Nolan about the role.

The brand new Batman, Robert Pattinson, is here. And he gave insights on what his casting procedure was all about. Robert shared his feelings about getting the Batsuit on and taking tips from the ex-Batman Christopher Nolan. Furthermore, Robert also threw light on the first catch up he had with Marvel Studios at the end of May when the actor landed the role.

Yet the exciting news is the piece that’s been left uncovered which also includes 2019 Joker, Joaquin Phoenix. Although it comes naturally for fans to look forward to a sequel that has both Batman and Joker yet Warner Bros. is still to make an official announcement for that.

‘Twilight’ sweetheart also ended up dropping a comment that could possibly be a spoiler concerning the Joker Joaquin Phoenix as the Variety cover proceeded towards its end. However, if a crossover of the two flicks were to drop then Batman happening in the ’80s set Joker is entirely out of the question.

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Matt Reeves, Writer, and Director of Batman revealed in January that the upcoming Batman flick would be new crime fiction. And will have Bruce Wayne playing more of a detective than a super-hero. However, it’s not yet clarified as to which time around the movie will be set. Moreover, a rumor about Batman being placed in the ’90s for the two films to collide made its way but it never got a confirmation.

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Meanwhile, in the Joker that is releasing in October, we do see Joker mess around with Bruce’s father, Thomas Wayne. Pattinson also revealed how he always wanted to play the character and proceeded Matt regarding it. And to his surprise, the director later called him and offered him to play the role.

Further, he also revealed that the Batsuit indeed made him feel transformative and empowering. Yet he was quoted saying that the process of squeezing yourself in it is undoubtedly embarrassing.
Robert will feature in and as Batman in the upcoming flick. And the movie will make its way into the theatres on 25th June 2021. For more such exciting gossips, tune in to us.

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