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Singer “Jordan Pruitt” Revived “#Metoo” By Filing Sexual Abuse Suit Against “Disney And Longtime Nashville Producer”!!!


Jordan Pruitt is suing Walt Disney and her former manager, Keith Thomas, over claims that she was sexually harassed by Thomas when she was a teenager.

“3 weeks ago as ‘Jane Doe’ I filed a lawsuit against my molester and those who enabled him. No more Jane Doe. I am Jordan Pruitt” the voice alum, now 28, wrote on Instagram on Tuesday, September 3, adding the hashtag “#justice #metoo #seesomethingsaysomething.”

Jordan Pruitt poses as The Salvation Army presents the 60th Annual Sally Awards on September 16, 2017 at the JW Marriott-L.A. Live on September 16, 2017 in Los Angeles, CA(Photo: Alex J. Berliner/ABImages) via AP Images

According to court documents, Pruitt, who filed the complaint on August 30 after initially filling earlier that month using as producer and songwriter Keith Thomas. Pruitt, Thomas, Disney, and Hollywood Records did not immediately respond to a request for comment. In the lawsuit, Pruitt- who used the pseudonym ‘Jane Doe’- alleges that Thomas was left unsupervised even though the label either knew or should have known that he was a danger to children.

She also accused Disney of treating their “underage talent like cash cows.” “Unfortunately, these large companies are primarily concerned with sales, money, and charts,” Pruitt told Variety. “Too often they fall short of protecting the young talent that they are’supposed’ to be caretakers for. Time and time again, we see people in positions of power fail us. I couldn’t be more disappointed in how Disney treats their underage talent like cash cows”.

The suit includes the claims of Thomas controlling her professional life, distancing her from boys her own age, and criticizing her appearance and ability while grooming the singer Pruitt. In his career, Thomas has worked with many teenage female singers and in 2013 starred on chasing ‘Nashville,’ a Lifetime reality show following four girls pursuing their country music dreams.

While the suit was originally filed under a pseudonym but was amended with the real names of the parties on Tuesday. Pruitt is currently writing a book about her experience, entitled AA: Abused Anonymous.

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