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Eagle Eyed Fan Spotted Epic Mistake In “Avengers: Endgame” Related To “Doctor Strange”!!!


The audience is there to criticize and also encourage the movies they see. That is why audience criticism is considered essential for the success of any movie. Now since “Avengers: Endgame” is now on Blu Ray and DVD, the audience is not missing any time to watch the highest earned movie multiple times. Whereas, an eagle-eyed Marvel fan spotted an epic mistake in the movie.

The Mistake

As everyone was coming through the sling ring portals to take on Thanos played by Josh Brolin and his vast armor of alien fighters, Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) was seen without the Eye of Agamotto. It is something which is totally explainable. After all, Thanos had crushed the device in “Avengers: Infinity War” to get after the Time Stone. But, as the screen capture points out, in the wide-shot showing everyone lined-up for the moment before Cap’s iconic “Avengers Assemble!” line Strange is suddenly wearing the Eye of Agamotto again, which is not totally relatable to the previous plot.

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Wait…what?? The Eye of Agamotto 😂😂😂  Hey guys,thanks for your comments, but the real question is, The Eye of Agamotto "only" shows up in "Avengers Assemble" shot, doesn't show up in any of the other shots, that's why I put the upper image for.  #avengersendgame  #avengers  #endgame  #infinitywar  #marvel  #marvelcomics  #marvelstudios  #captainamerica  #ironman  #warmachine #thor  #blackwidow  #hawkeye  #hulk #spiderMan #spidermanfarfromhome #復仇者聯盟 #終局之戰 #漫威 #美國隊長 #鋼鐵人 #戰爭機器 #黑寡婦 #蜘蛛人 #蜘蛛人離家日 #蜘蛛人返校日

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Since Doctor Strange appeared in his own solo movie, he has since gone on to become an inevitable part of the Avengers. In fact, Strange used the Time Stone to look into the future and make sure they would all be able to take down Thanos ( the villain) something Endgame co-director Anthony Russo previously said took an immensely large amount of time.

The makers of the movie had slightly missed out the detailing. But it is obvious that a real marvel or an avengers fan can spot it then and there, after watching the movie multiple times.

Here we should also talk about the wonders the movie is doing on the box office. Commendable, Endgame did a business of colossal amount in billions. That is $2.5 billion worldwide.

Marvel fans can also cheer for the movies that Marvel has lined a for release, which is eagerly waiting to hit the theatres soon. Te trail includes ‘She-Hulk,’ ‘Ms. Marvel’, ‘The Eternals,’ ‘Black Panther 2’ and many more.

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