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“Kendall Jenner” Partied With Her “Ex” And One Of Another “NBA Star”!!! The Double-Date Frowned Everyone Around!!!



Kendall Jenner is always the center of attraction just like her sister Kylie and other members of the Kardashian family. Be it their photoshoots, Instagram posts, or their love life per se the sisters are always attracting media attention no matter what. This time, Kendall Jenner is finding herself amid something strange. Well, more than strange, we can rather call it a confusing state of affairs. Recently, Kendall Jenner was seen partying on ‘Labor Day’ with two former NBA stars in Malibu Hills. One of them was Blake Griffin, who has been associated with Kendall Jenner in the past and the second was Kylie Kuzma who is apparently, new to the ‘party.’

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Kendall Jenner was at the “Super Beach House” in Malibu and was enjoying a party. She was seen playing the famous cards game ‘Cards Against Humanity’ with Blake Griffin. Blake Griffin, the former NBA star was Kendall Jenner’s ex-boyfriend. This meet up indicated a possible reunion or patch up to many. But the real confusion started when at the same party on the same day, LA Lakers star Kyle Kuzma also showed up and joined Blake and Kendall at the party. It was reported that Jenner was seen enjoying a yacht with Kyle Kuzma recently. But other reports suggest that she is happy being single after her recent breakup with another NBA star Ben Simmons.

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At the same venue, Soho Beach House in Malibu Hills, Kendall Jenner’s half brother Brody Jenner was also seen enjoying the celebration. In other news, Brody Jenner also broke up with Kaitlynn Carter who has now moved on with Miley Cyrus recently according to rumors. Well, a strange list of guests, all somehow related to each other and all of them being in the news for the same reason moreover has raised eyebrows. Only time will tell what all of them are up to.

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