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Taylor Swift reveals Demi Lovato’s love for her song has brought the biggest smile on her face. Let’s dig into the story!


The relationship between American singer Demi Lovato and Taylor Swift has not been a smooth sail. Frequent ups and downs between the two singers have always grabbed the media’s attention. But a new gesture from Lovato has brought a bright smile to Taylor Swift.

Just when people in America are celebrating the “Labor’s Day” weekend, Demi Lovato also thought to make most of it from this extended holiday. She shared a “jamming” session video with her fans on Instagram. And She chose, none other than Taylor Swift’s hit number “cruel summer” from her latest album “Lover” to jam on. This surely displays true sportsmanship from Lovato’s part. Even if they are not friends, they don’t think twice to appreciate other’s good work.

With the video, she also wrote a whelming heart caption, that has surely melted all our hearts. By admitting that she is a Swiftie too (Taylor Swift’s fans goes by this name) the caption read:” Life is too short for women not to support other women…Especially when women release great music. Great Job, Taylor Swift.” The Post had a lot of heart, Praise hands and clapping emojis, that made it even for convincing.

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The post went viral within hours, and it naturally caught the attention of Taylor Swift. She reposted Demi’s post and revealed that this appreciation from a fellow singer indeed brought a big smile on her face. She wrote:” This is awesome and put the biggest smile on my face. Thank You, Demi.”

This post has clearly reduced growing tensions between Swift and her. She was accused of showing hatred and shades at Taylor in recently concluded VMA’s where Swift received a lot of accolades. However, she did clear her part on the accusations: “Btw. I did not shade anyone last night. My reason for not going is because I literally living my dream being on Will and Grace..”

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