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The Kardashian’s Mansion: This Is How The “Kardashians” Plan To Live “King Size Life” In Their “$60 Million Mansion”???



The Kardashian family is the most happening family of the American show business, to be honest. They are in the news for one thing or the other and that too, on a regular basis. Be it their work, their family, or their lavish lifestyle, and there’s something which always makes it to the headlines. The latest news about the Kardashians is that according to Kris Jenner, the extravagant mansion that Kim and Kanye are enthusiastically planning to build, is now worth 60 Million dollars post the expensive modifications that are done to it.

Back in 2014, it was reported that the Kardashian family had purchased the mansion for 20 Million dollars and now, the hugely soared price of the estate has got everybody thinking that what is it that the Kardashians have built?


Kanye West is not only a famous celebrity, but he is also a social media sensation. His tweets are followed and retweeted in millions every day. Being an active socializer, Kanye couldn’t resist but post the pictures of this mansion some time back on Twitter which is now deleted from the platform. This is most possibly because of his wife Kim Kardashian’s disapproval about him sharing the pictures of the dream house which they had decided not to reveal. But Kanye being Kanye has again taken to twitter and shared pictures of the marvelous interiors of their 60 Million mansions.


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Kanye West shared pictures of the interiors of the house. He posted a picture of the entryway of their house, which is currently empty but looks extremely spacious. Another picture showed the dining room, which had some decor also in it. Other pictures included the glimpses of their luxurious bathrooms which are equipped with expensive fittings, the church-like architecture of their rooms and a somewhat confusing master bathroom.

Not just Kanye, but earlier, even Kim Kardashian made a video for Vogue in which she took the viewers on a mini-tour of her house and showed them many other aspects of the mansion, including the kitchen. In all, the property is nothing but a dream house.

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