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Chris Pratt admits his admiration for Tom Holland, says “I just love him”!


Chris Pratt has spoken up about his admiration for his “Avenger’s” co-star Tom Holland. The actor duo spoke about their brotherly love in a recent appearance with EW and PEOPLE’s video studio backstage at Disney’s D23 Expo in August.

The Spider-man star Tom Holland has mesmerized both fans and critics alike, in the long list of admirers few known names are also there. Avengers: Endgame actor Chris Pratt who plays the role of Star-Lord has confessed his liking for Holland. Though the actors, does not have a blood connection, but still they have an inexplicable bond, the bond of brotherhood. When asked about their relationship, Pratt said:” I think we have a relationship that is a bit like an older-brother younger-brother type of a situation.” Holland too agreed on this and pointing at Pratt said:” Older brother” and pointed him as the younger one.

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Pratt adding further said he just adored the fact on how he has evolved in this field: “We’ve worked in the same arenas, I’ve seen him come up and be exceptional and arrive, and it’s kind of nice. I feel like I want to help him and take care of him and look at that face. I just love him.”

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The actors have done quite a number of films together like “Avengers: Infinity War,” “Avengers: Endgame.” They are all set to come again for the animated Pixar movie “Onward.” In the film, the actors gave their voices for the character of two teenage elf brothers, who lost their father at a very tender age. By speaking about his role, Pratt revealed:” My character Barley, he just really loves his brother, but he’s as annoying as helpful. And I hope that’s not the case with me.”

Holland also acknowledged Pratt as his brother: “He’s like my big LA brother. My LA Bro.”


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