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India’s “Chandrayaan 2” Lost When It Was Just 2.1 Km Away From The Destination. A Failure That Is More Of Success!!!


Always the peroration shows the hard work behind it, but what if after giving years and everything to something and one fails at the irreproachable of success. This is what happened with India when the ‘Chandrayaan 2’ was just 2km above the surface of the moon, and India loses its communication with it. The whole of the ‘Chandrayaan’ team including the chairman of ISRO despondent. Every single Indian is appalled to what had happened.

On July 22, 2019, Chandrayaan started its journey to cover the distance of 3,84,000km but was only able to 3,83,000km. Yesterday night India woke to see the landing of ‘Chandrayaan 2’ including prime minister Narendra Modi. Till yesterday night in news channels, ‘Chandrayaan 2’ was the cynosure, but the peroration could be that atrocious no one ever thought.

“Only 5% of the mission has been lost- “Vikram the lander”, and “Pragyan the rover”, while the remaining 95% that is the Chandrayaan 2’s orbiter is still orbiting the moon successfully” The head scientist of ISRO said, “The Vikram lander descent was going as planned, and normal performance was observed, subsequently the communication from lander to ground station was lost. The data is analyzed,” he added.

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India was about to create history and become the 4th country after the U.S., Russia, and China by landing the Chnadrayaan 2. While every Indian thinks that this was not the fiasco and gives the same deference to the ISRO they deserved. PM Narendra Modi said, “not a small achievement, ups, and downs keep coming in life, your hard work last taught us a lot, and the entire country is proud of you.” People are supporting the ISRO team on social media and are really poignant about the accident as this was the second try after “Chnadrayaan 1” in 2008.

But yet it will circle and study the moon remotely for a year from lunar orbit. The lander was about to touch down around 1:55 a.m.  Mission leader K. Sivan had said before the landing that it was very complex, calling it “15 Minutes of terror.” The Chandrayaan 2 mission, aimed at studying shadowed craters thought to contain water deposits, is estimated to have cost $140 million.Isro chief starts review on Chandrayaan 2 mission setback

But the team still working on it and let us not lose our hope and hope for the best.

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