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Quentin Tarentino’s ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’ has been redone into a mini series; Brad Pitt is excited to see the series get loads of love


Tarantino’s latest version of “Once upon a time in Hollywood” is making it to the theatres. It is sure to bring more joy to the fans after Brad Pitt has hinted towards a mini-series might just make its way. Kyle Buchanan from one of the magazines published some unedited details of the intimate profile revealing Brad Pitt’s confirmation on Quentin Tarantino discussing a streaming version of the movie.

This is going to be a more elaborate version of the movie spanning several episodes with more footage. He also added that it is an arousing idea.
Pitt is definitely excited to see the movie unfold into a specific adaptation. He also said that he is inquisitive to see if the film will make a mark. And he wants to see how well the movie does and whether or not it will stick around. Moreover, he hopes people to shower the movie with their love.

The streaming generation will find it more interesting to get more information made available faster and in an encapsulated module.
He shared his views on how the younger generation is used to receiving a lot of information at a much faster pace, and how they’re more inclined to watch a short series of episodes where one can stay in it as long as one wants to or jump out it whenever you get bored.

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The cinema experience packaged into multiple capsules would allow them to put up more content in a series. This would also allow characters to breath more and also aid more story development.
He further said that in the series format, one could spend much more time on characters and story. And explore angles one doesn’t always get to in films.

An astounding director rebuilt Tarantino’s 2015 film “Hateful Eight,” into a four-part miniseries which debuted on April. The best of both world coming together will hopefully be a treat.

Tarantino has always spiked all our senses with his art of storytelling. We can’t be more excited to see him crack the streaming code.

Well, we know the fans are more than excited about the upcoming screen presentation. Also, to be the first to get such exciting news, tune in to us.

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