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Robert Downey Jr Is All Set To Reprise His Role As Iron Man For A Spin-Off To Be Aired On Disney+


A news worth reading for all Marvel fans who were disheartened by Iron-Man’s death in Avengers: Endgame! If you were heartbroken by the fact that there will be no Iron-Man in Marvel Comic Universe, then behold your breath because He is coming back! Yes, you read it right, as the sources from Marvel claim that Robert Downey Jr is all set to reprise his role as the beloved Iron-man.

The new streaming service Disney+, which will launch soon, will reprise more and more characters from Marvel as spin-off stories. The on spin-off that we are sure about is of Ironheart, who continues the legacy of iconic Iron-Man in the original comic. As reported by Fox News, Robert Downey Jr is returning as Iron-Man in this Spin-off to be aired on Disney+, which will be a series. Downey will return in this series as a voiceover, just like the famous J.A.R.V.I.S., who will help in the quest of superhero transformation of Riri Williams.

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Ironheart was introduced in Marvel comics in the year 2015, but due to adverse criticism it faced a lot of backlashes. It was considered inappropriate and racist in terms of the portrayal of a black female. But it reprised in 2018, with the involvement of famous sociologist Eve Ewing, and then it got major recognition. Now as it is going a step further in the form a series to be aired on Disney+, Downy has agreed upon Ironheart to take over his legacy in MCU.

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Not only Iron-Man’s role is set to be reprised, but other famous movies such as “Night At The Museum,” “Home Alone” are some others which will be rebooted. Disney+ is set to be launched in the US this winter, probably in November, while it will be launched in the UK.

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