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“Robert Downey Jr” Is Back On “Instagram” With A Bang!!! Watch The “Avengers” Style Entry Of The “Iron Man”.



Robert Downey Jr. the famous Hollywood actor who has become a raging sensation over the years with his excellent screen presence as the ‘Iron Man’ in the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies of the Iron Man series and Avengers series has found himself in trouble recently. The 54-year-old actor recently came out in public to inform his fans about the reported hacking of his Instagram account recently. Although restored now, the panic buttons were already pushed when the Instagram account of Robert Downey Jr. started uploading weird pictures and posts regarding Amazon gift cards, ads for iPhones, and marketing of Playstation products.


Robert Downey Jr. informed his fans regarding the cyber mishap that took place with him. Robert Downey Jr. issued a notice for the fans in which he can be seen requesting the fans not to follow the leads given in his latest Instagram posts and to stay clear of these posts, for the time being. He ended his message to his fans in his characteristic style by the signing off with a ‘Love You 3000’. The post regarding the clarification and information was uploaded by Robert Downey Jr. on his Twitter handle recently.

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On Saturday, Robert Downey Jr. officially announced that the Instagram account from his name which got hacked a few days back has been restored and that he is under complete control of the proceedings of the account. He captioned a post which said ‘Pardon My Interruption’ with the words ‘We are Back.’ The picture was that of the villain in the superstar’s incredibly hit movie “Avengers: The Age Of Ultron” with the caption as stated above. With everything coming back to the original state of affairs, the actor and his fans have again established their connect via the social media website and app of Instagram.

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