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Billie Eillish Gets Support From Her Fans After She Reveals Her Desire To Show Her Body As She Gets Older.


Billie Wants To Be A “Woman”

Billie Eilish, in a recent interview, said, “I am gonna be a woman and show body.” Previously she was concerned about being sexualized. But her recent interview says something else.

Fans Are In The Favour Of Billie

No sooner had the American singer revealed about her desire than the fans started commenting on her favor. Her followers reportedly praise her revelation regarding the desire to show her body as she gets older.

One comment on Facebook read, “It’s her body, and if she wants to change her style and uncover a bit once she’s eighteen, it’s her choice.” Even some of her no fan club members requested her to “live her life” to the fullest.

Billie Seemed Concerned Regarding Her Fans’ Reaction

From her recent interview published, her concern regarding her fans’ reaction is prominent. To quote her, “I know it would be a huge thing. I know people will say, ‘I have lost all respect for her.’ ”

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But now that fans are really supporting her for this decision and according to one user, “She shouldn’t be reprimanded for it.”

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Waves Of Comment Flowing In Her Favour

Billie has made an attractive headline for the newspapers after her real revelation. Fans have praised her for being “true” to her self. Though she was tensed regarding the immediate reactions but now there seems no worry.  She even added saying, “What if I wanna make a video where I wanna look desirable?”

Waves of comments rushed in the social networking sites supporting her on this brave and stylish decision.

One comment on Twitter read, “GIRL YOU DO YOU. TRUE FANS WILL SUPPORT YOU AND NO MATTER WHAT. I DEFINITELY WILL.” Whereas another fan wrote, “You are so young, cool and talented. Do You!”



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