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Verdict out! Sony CEO decides the future of Spider-man in MCU , says “The Door is closed”.


These few months have been quite dreadful for the fans of Spider-man as the future of the superhero in MCU was gloomy. Finally, the verdict has been out, and it is quite disheartening for the fans. Sony CEO gave an official statement and said:” For the moment the door is closed.”

It has been a hard time for the fans ever since the Disney-Sony fall-out and their profit-sharing tiff came into the limelight. Speculations were done that both the companies are trying to come to a consensus on the profit negotiations. But it seems like all the hopes are gone now as there is no possible return of Spider-man in the upcoming Marvel crossovers. Sony Pictures CEO, Tony Vinciquerra speaking to ‘Variety’s’ Entertainment and Technology summit divulged some of the details on this issue. He said, “It is a Long Life,” which gave a hint that there might not be a scope in the recent future, but in the distant future, the hero might make a comeback. But honestly, the future is bleak!

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Vinciquerra also added that there is “no ill will” between the two companies. This decision after the two failed to reach an agreement on financial terms. Thus, this resulted in scrapping out Tom Holland’s Spider-man from the future Marvel crossovers or standalone films. Speaking to “Variety” he did admit that he is aware of the current frenzied state of the fans, he added it has been “an interesting couple of weeks” for the studio. He also digs at Marvel studio President Kevin Feige being “stretched incredibly thin” with the new addition of characters coming to MCU as one of the reasons in this breakdown of the mediation. By disclosing some of the future plans, Sony Pictures CEO said that they are planning to build their own universe with a vast array of Spider-man characters.

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Tony Vinciquerra
Variety’s Entertainment & Technology Summit, Four Seasons Hotel, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, USA – 05 Sep 2019


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