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Are you ignoring these signs of school struggle of your child?


Every day you wake up for your child, prepare them for school with the hope that he/she will have a bright future. But what if I tell you, he is struggling with the present, and you are just sitting in the dark unaware of what he goes through daily. Digs a hole in your heart, right? It’s the same for all of us.

Children who suffer, try to hide it, for different reasons. They are afraid of embarrassing themselves, disappointing their parents or thinking that the problem will eventually disappear. But that is not the case. The problem generally gets worsened over the years. And as parents, you do not want your child to suffer alone and lose the shine that he was born with.

Most of the parents are unable to identify the struggle, the reason why the children are left to hang out in the dry all alone. This wouldn’t continue if you check with the signs listed below by Etutorworld and do not do the mistake of AVOIDING it:

Reluctant to take part in daily activities

Not just kids, but people too, tend to withdraw and take a step back from the activities they once enjoyed. This is generally because they develop a fear or a certain kind of shyness. The fear makes people anxious resulting in disinterest. Kids, who were earlier the party-starters have now cornered themselves from social gatherings. Lack of interest in daily chores, retreating from their favorite playtimes or draining time with distractions like video games or television. If any of these signs has hit your playful child, it’s time for you to take strict actions.

Not being able to concentrate

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A lot of students have trouble concentrating in school hours. It’s mostly because he has something in his mind, which he is not being able to throw out, resulting in the lack of focus. For instance, when a student falls back in one subject in school, he might feel inferior of the other students in his/her class that might be stressing him 24*7. And if he is one of those who can’t cope with the failure, you are more likely to find a drop in other subjects too. Now if you are ignoring these signs, it will come back with a major hit! 

A tutor can be of major help if your child is suffering in a similar situation, they will build up the lost confidence, due to a lag in some subject thereby helping them regain the focus. When I was in 9th grade, due to my weakness in certain subjects, I wasn’t able to concentrate. I was anxious, I was frustrated. But then my mom got me into this 9th grade online program. You can try the same.  

Too many mood swings

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Children who earlier were happy-go-lucky and ecstatic; tend to show signs of aggression or worry, if they are helpless. Such helplessness or anxiety in children could be due to various reasons. However, research shows that it mostly due to school struggle or any other issues that a child might be facing in school. It could be the fear of falling behind, not being able to make friends or being bullied. All the fall-behind that a child faces in school culminates at home, resulting in the aggression on parents, elders, siblings or people they meet away from school. Instead of lashing back, think over the sudden drift of your child’s behavior and check if the reasons match!

Not having enough sleep

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If you have seen your child tossing in sleep more than usual, chances are he is not asleep at all. Apart from this also keep a check on bed wetting, over-sleeping and even of nightmares. All these are major signs of extreme stress and anxiety. The best rescue is to first try and talk to your child if nothing works, try and consult a counselor. Breathing and calming exercises, before and after sleep has also proved to be a good technique to combat stress.

Sudden illness strikes at regular intervals


Our body usually reacts to stress in ways that cannot be explained but relates to our day to day lives. It shows signs with respect to the environment we are living, and how well our mind is reacting to it. When we are in a stressful situation, kids tend to get headaches, trouble in the stomach, and even rashes. This would need you to ultimately consult a doctor or someone from the medical background. However, if you want to permanently put a full-stop to this fiasco of stress and anxiety, which he is succumbing to, you need to TALK to your child!

Lastly, remember, ‘Children are most likely to live up to what you believe in them’ – so, whisper the belief in their ears, and see how they will jump with love and laughter!

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