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“Ariana” Is Not In Relationship With Collaborator “Foster”, Confirmed Her Brother “Frankie”


“Thank you, Next” singer Ariana Grande is still single. Yes. Says her brother Frankie. Though, a rumor was in the air about the brother and sister’s double date. The 26-year-old beautiful singer, Ariana, is always protected by her big brother Frankie.

On Wednesday Frankie reached out to fans with a tweet that reads “My sister is not in a relationship. Everyone relax. She is very much single.” Though for some reason the tweet is not there as of now as he deleted that after a short while only. Notably, Ariana and Foster’s love relationship rumors started to taking swirl from August only. And they cathed fire when Ariana’s brother posted about the double date that included his sister and Foster.

Frankie added in a statement, “Ariana and Mikey Foster are not in an official relationship, and my comments about our recent hang as friends were not meant to be taken literally. Hale and I were on a date, which is why I referred to it as a double-date when we had plans with them, without realizing what the term insinuated about THEIR relationship outside of my own. It was literally four people meeting up as friends, and I would never comment on something so personal about her life anyway.”

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The “7 rings” singer has been collaborating with Foster. It was rumored that their long-time collaboration led to their romance. But Frankie says Foster is really a sweet person. Frankie also considers Foster as a caring, talented person.

Also, this is not the first instance when Ariana’s big brother is protecting her. Frankie said that he uses his humor to cheer up his sister, who recently came up with the news that tells that her depression and anxiety at “an all-time high,”

“Love and support, being there, calm energy and laughing,” he said about how he lifts up his sister’s spirits. “I make her laugh all the time, and that’s the most powerful healing thing. I’ll just be funny.”

Also, the latest update about the renowned singer is that she was not present at the VMA awards night.

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