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Struggling to write interesting Instagram captions? Read this


You spend hours to click that perfect picture for your Instagram feed and another couple of hours to do the sassy editing, but does your job end there? No! Your post needs a caption, a caption that captures the viewers’ attention immediately.

Instagram captions are the very first thing your followers will notice in your post, so you can’t settle for anything other than the best. Your caption decides everything – the number of likes, comments, the context of your photo and also how you bond with your audience. Your caption to your photo is Ranveer to your Deepika, Virat to your Anushka and Ranbir to your Alia.

Writing engaging Insta captions is an art, and it doesn’t get to you very easily, but we have compiled some amazing tips to help you craft the perfect caption that can help you get real Instagram likes on your posts.

The story about first impression is real

As it is said, the first impression is the last impression!

It is after reading the very first line that every follower decides to check or ignore your post. You can have a savage, punchy, attention-seeking line or a statement that makes your reader curious. You could also start with a question or a quote. Once you prick the interest of your readers, there’s no way in the world they wouldn’t follow the entire caption word-to-word.  Here’s one example for you to take inspiration.

Call-to-actions are a NEVER-MISS.

A CTA or call-to-action drives instant viewers’ reactions improves engagement and attracts new followers. A call to action can be a question or a request. For example, if you post a picture of the beach, you could add a question like “What’s your favorite activity on the beach?” The other most common requests are “Double-tap if you agree” or “Share this story on your profile” or “tag your friends in the comments”, etc. This encourages more comments and gives exposure to your post. Just like the one.


Contests and giveaways can do wonders

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Who doesn’t love free goodies? If you’re organizing a contest or giveaway, be sure to specify this at the beginning of your post. You could add it as a hashtag and it will surely interest your followers. If you’re posting ads or sponsored content, then make sure you specify that with your content. Competition initiates a drive in us to win, the reason why your caption tempts the Instagrammers to check out your post. Look at how this, cosmetic brand arranged for a giveaway.


Line – Breakerzzz

Bulky captions are a great turn off, aren’t they? If you are planning to micro-blog your caption (which is trendy but not very effective), you can make it competent by using line breakers like ‘……’ in between your 2,200-character long caption to give the required space to your followers to digest the heavy components of the title. It makes it longer, no doubt, but allows the message to get across in points and intervals. Pheww! No one’s going to find your story a bore-bore now. Here, check this out for a sneak-peek on how to do it –


The brand game must be on-point


If you’re trying to promote your business on Instagram, keep a consistent brand voice in your Instagram posts like any other marketing channel you use. Try being informal and funny with your posts and captions, it will reflect your brand personality. You can put up posts with daily fans or your employees, keeping the vibe friendly and featuring your audience. This establishes the desired human touch to your brand.

The play emojis and hashtags

Hashtags expand the discoverability of your posts. They categorize the content and move you up the searchable ladder. Proper usage of trending and relevant hashtags can lead you to the ‘Explore’ page of your prospects. Instagram allows a maximum of 30 hashtags per post. You can use as many depending on the content of your post, but try avoiding the monotonous ‘the more, the merrier’ strategy. Use eye-catching emojis in your posts, that communicates your message in the most creative manner. They make posts more interesting because hey, let’s not lie, everyone, likes an emoji 🙂


Now that you know the secret to those absolutely mesmerizing captions you’ve been seeing all over your Instagram feed, it shouldn’t be a difficult job for you to put the right topping on your cake. The field is yours, go slay your Instagram game and make everyone jealous! 😉

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