Home Entertainment Hustlers, starring Constance Wu and Jennifer Lopez, more than a terrific entertainment?

Hustlers, starring Constance Wu and Jennifer Lopez, more than a terrific entertainment?


Based on a New York Magazine article written by Jessica Pressler that gained fame, ‘Hustlers’ starring Jennifer Lopez, Will Ferrell, and Adam McKay is set to hit the theatres on September 12, 2019.

Hustlers concern a true story, drawing inspiration from Pressler’s article, about a handful of strippers who react to 2008 economic downfall.

In the opening sequence of the film, it’s 2007, and the protagonist, Destiny, played by Constance Wu, has discovered that life of a stripper isn’t as rosy as she thought it would be. She realizes that the competition is fierce, and by the time the men she works for, have taken their share, the money is barely adequate.

Moving on to the next pivotal character, Romana-played by Jennifer Lopez. Romana is well in control of her finances and hers along with Destiny starts working in the champagne room together, earning more than before.

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Then, in a twist of events, Destiny becomes pregnant, and at the same time, recession hits the country. Eventually, Ramona and gang indulge in illegal activities like theft and fishing.
To fish is to bring in guys from outside, to fool them into thinking you’re genuinely interested before drugging them and eventually stealing their account details.

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Through writer-director, Lorene Scafaria, whose Susan Sarandon vehicle, The Meddler was welcomed and warm surprise at Toronto in 2015, a world traditionally seen through male eyes, is now seen from a strikingly different version with a canny, incisive female lens.
The film raises thought-provoking moral questions like- Was it acceptable for the women to steal this money because it was arguably stolen in the first place? What chances did these men have that these women didn’t? Did society owe them something that they were merely taking from elsewhere?

All in all, upholding the spirit of drama centralized around sexuality and its related aspects, Hustlers is definitely a film to watch out for!

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