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You might just see a bit of Tim Burton’s Joker in the Phoenix’s October version of the Clown Prince of Crime


Joker will walk into the theatre in October, but it is already the talk of the town. And a fan just caught a possible reference brewing to Tim Burton’s time with the movie’s characters. The time in the film where we see Joaquin Phoenix’s transformation could have a possible link with Jack Nicholson’s Joker avatar.

Fans are aware that Nicholson was Burton’s Joker back in 1989. Compared to now where we have cinema overflowing with superheroes and supervillains, back in the time, Nicholson was all we saw as the perfect clown villain. Also, Heath Ledger has marked his own territory in playing the role of the Clown Prince of Crime in Dark Knight series. But, now we await Phoenix’s portrayal as the supervillain.

Well, we could have our own favorites as Joker, but we can’t deny that we do see Phoenix’s portrayal heading towards success. Critics have been quite appreciative of the film and have given quite a good rating to it. Warner Bros too have been quite happy seeing the movie already on its way to being a hit. Moreover, the box office also looks to be favoring this upcoming fall hit.

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Shawn Robbins also talked to Box Office Pro regarding Joker, and he looked quite positive to see the movie breaking records as an R rated film. As per his predictions, the movie might whoop $100 million in its opening weekend. Although it is Venom that has the record to itself as being a big October opener with $80 million.

Joker is an entirely different take on Burton’s villain with a look of a massive blockbuster as of now. The word is that the movie has the potential of landing an entirely new definition to the age-old Joker character. Eventually, inspiring people to make more from these comic characters. Joker’s up with a cast like Joaquin Phoenix, Zazie Beetz, Robert De Niro, Brett Cullen, Frances Conroy. Also, we have actors like Josh Pais, Bryan Tyree Henry, Bryan Callen, Marc Maron on board.

Hence, Joker is something much more than a new additional crime tale of the existing character. It is instead a study of a man who is a result of society’s failure that turns quite heavy on the Gotham dwellers.
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