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Bill Skarsgård brings ‘Pennywise’ home for daughter, in the form of merch!


Bill Skarsgard and Alida Morberg

Bill Skarsgård, the actor of ‘IT: Chapter Two‘ revealed shocking information about his family life. Apparently, his 11-month old daughter might grow up playing with ‘Pennywise the clown’ dolls.

On The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Monday, Skarsgård revealed that he brings home ‘IT’ movie merch for his daughter. His precise wording being, “I’ve gotten a bunch of…fun merch and stuff throughout the years, so her little baby room is just filled with Pennywise teddy bears.”, which was immediately followed by gasps from the audience. It also incited a comment and an awkward laugh out of Colbert,” Oh, that’s nice…soften her up“, in regards to their conversation of Skarsgård’s daughter ever watching the movies ‘IT: Chapter One‘ or ‘IT: Chapter Two.’

Skarsgård along with girlfriend, Alida Morberg, are parents of an 11- month old baby girl. Their daughter, according to the above comment, might just grow up not frightened but having fun, playing with the terrifying ‘IT’ character.

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IT: Chapter Two poster

Since his first appearance in ‘IT: Chapter One‘ as the dancing clown, ‘Pennywise’ terrifies people and he is also the reason for the movie’s huge million-dollar success. Though, Bill’s exceptional acting has led to people being frightened of his own face as well. This is the reason that people are genuinely shocked by the 11-month old kid being surrounded by the character’s merchandise.

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In an interview with ‘Good Morning America,’ he further revealed that he sometimes would facetime Alida and his daughter while on set, fully costumed up as the terrifying clown. It is, however, reassuring to know that neither his girlfriend or their daughter, are frightened out of their wits by the actor’s face, with or without the heavy makeup.

The actor also opened up about playing the scary clown and the challenge of living up to the standards of who previously inhabited the Pennywise character, actor Tim Curry, on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Anyhow he need not worry since ‘IT: Chapter Two‘ is estimated to have generated a whopping $91 million on its opening weekend.

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