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Famous WWE Hall Of Famer Stone Cold Steve Austin Returns To Madinson Square Garden After 20 Years, The Rock Makes Hilarious Comments!


Steve Austin Gets Back To Madison Square Garden After A Long Interval

Famous WWE star Stone Cold Steve Austin returns to Madison Square Garden this Monday night. The famous Hall of fame returns after 20 years and defeats AJ Styles with two massive stunners.

The Rock took the matter to Twitter and reacted massively on the selling of stunners Steve delivered On Styles, United States Champion.  The showdowns between The Rock and Stone Cold had always been an exciting one for the fans.

Regarding the return to the ring, Steve twits, “I had the time of my life. What a blast. Thanks to everybody @The Garden the fans and @WWE and everybody who watched at home. There is nothing like being in a ring and having fun. Great seeing the present and future superstars!”

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The Rock Makes Hilarious Comments, Back To Back Twits Floods Social Media! 

Moreover, Steve made a witty remark regard Styles’ selling of the stunners, similar to his one time rival The Rock.  He tweeted, “AJ don’t you run down the name of Stone Cold Steve Austin. Especially @TheGarden. #DTA @WWE RT @3lone: @AJStylesOrg selling that @steveaustinBSR stunner like the @TheRock @RAW.” At this Dwayne Johnson responded twitting, ”  Yeah AJ YOU HEAR HIM TALKING TO YOU HILLIBILLY BOY!  (Lil inside attitude era joke) . Real talk that stunner back bumps, flip into a scissors sell was a thing of beauty Way to bring the house down boys! “.

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Things didn’t stop here. Steve retweeted,  “#twotimes for the #goodtimes.” On the other hand, even AJ Styles didn’t step back and. He tweeted back, “I am a redncek Dwayne. There is a big difference.”

All the WWE lovers out there definitely miss the sensational encounters between The Rock and the Cold Stone at that time.

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