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IT chapter 2 Director unveiled a different version encircling Eddie’s death and it’s sure to help you have a good cry


Eddie’s death scene from IT: Chapter 2 was an overflowing emotional sequence to see on a Big screen. Andy almost shot the scene, making it more like Stephen King’s 1986 Novel.

The final chapter in IT horror franchise is full of many moments that will leave a life long mark on the minds of its fans. Yes, be it the dinner that has a small reunion of the Losers Club after 27 years or the Long-awaited Losers revenge on Pennywise, there’s a lot to remember.

However, the possible subplot that was the talk of the town was Reddie’s chronicle. The dealings of director Andy Muchietti and screenplay writer Gary Dauberman with Richie’s sexuality and Eddie’s death has been really intricate.

The final scene has Eddie’s death in the mid of the ongoing battle against the evil clown and Richie in denial of this tragedy. But as per Andy’s revelations, there were a bunch of versions there were shot. One version had Eddie subside to death while fighting his battle with Pennywise whereas the other had him bidding his final goodbyes as in the Stephen King’s novel.

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Andy’s confession had Stephen’s take where a wounded Eddie almost half confesses his love for Richie before dying. But he, unfortunately, dies in the middle of a sentence. Andy also said he had two different takes to approach the scenario.

The director added that it was a total killer for him to have Eddie survive his ultimate fight with Pennywise. Also, he put into consideration the fact that he had previously also cheated death twice.

Furthermore, Andy also gave out a bit of a spoiler hinting that the scene of Eddie’s death is a heartbreaker. It is a scene that will make the fans of the franchise cry an ocean in the theatres.

He told that the most emotionally striking scene would be Richie’s reaction to his lover’s death. Richie’s response seeing a dead Eddie and his unfailing faith in believing that he could still be saved.

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