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“Kylie Jenner” Sets The Instagram On Fire, After Uploading The Sultry Picture Of Her Naked Back, Hugging “Travis Scott”!!!


The 22-year-old makeup junkie with her own makeup brand, Kylie Jenner is setting the internet on fire. With her Sultry pictures, she has always been the talk of the town. “Keeping up with the Kardashians” sisters are never too away from the limelight.

With about 145 million followers Kylie keeps her followers hooked. Earlier, Kylie uploaded her naked picture wearing only one thing! Guess what! It’s a hat. Yes, a $600 hat. This time, she uploaded a picture with boyfriend Travis Scott.

The uploaded picture depicts an outdoor shot which shows Jenner fully nude. Oh, wait. Except for a straw cowboy hat. The owner and founder of the Kylie cosmetics brand, embracing Scott, who was shirtless and is dressed only in jeans. Kylie’s backside is on full display as she and Scott prepare to share a kiss. The rapper’s tattooed arm was wrapped protectively around Jenner. They were engrossed in each other. To enhance her sultry picture, her beautiful medium-long length black hair falling over her back perfectly, enhancing the beauty.

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The picture was captioned as “When Houston meets LA” throwing light on the hometown of the couple. Also, @playboy was tagged in the picture. She teased about her next project with the playboy.

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In đź”—

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The couple will be appearing in the magazine’s Pleasure Issue, which the magazine’s website described as “a celebration of the things that bring us joy: sex, art, food, music, spiritual connection, travel, cannabis, and community.”

Jenner will grace the issue’s cover, with the shoot photographed by Sasha Samsanova and creative directed by Scott. It also appears that Scott interviewed Jenner for the issue, which costs $24.99 and does not have a release date yet.

The playboy’s official Instagram handle also posted three close up shot of the couple, Kylie and Scott, as a tease to their next project.

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