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Priyanka Chopra Photoshops Herself In A Picture To Cheer Up Nick From The Awkward Situation.



Sucker marked to be the best possible outcome for the comeback of Jonas Brothers. Its no surprise that they desire for the MTV VMA award in the category best pop video for the song. Two of the Gorgeous wives of the Jonas Brothers, Sophie Turner and Danielle Jonas were all for cheering for their husbands. Even Priyanka, Nick’s beloved wife, couldn’t hold her excitement as she posted a raved about photoshopped image humoring the whole situation.

Bollywood fame Priyanka Chopra recently posted a picture of herself photoshopped in a picture where Nick stands awkwardly while his brothers kiss their wives. Priyanka revealed that it is a celebration of his win at the VMA’s that she did not attend. She told people magazine that “I was sick that day, which is why I couldn’t go to the VMAs. It was supposed to be this fun night where all six of us got together because we never really get to do it that often”. The star also revealed that she felt like Nick might have missed being with her at that moment. She also added “We all have very crazy schedules, and now that the boys are on tour, we meet as the six of us”.

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She gushed over her husband awkwardly missing her during the award ceremony. She seems to have used technology to reduce the distance between her and her husband atleast virtually. She gushed, “It doesn’t matter if I was there or not. The picture makes it look like I was and the internet would believe it.”

Priyanka Chopra is busy these days attending the Toronto International Film Festival for the World premire of her upcoming movie “The Sky Is Pink”, of which both Nick and Priyanka are equally enthusiastic about.


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