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Reasons Why Deadpool Shouldn’t be a part of the Marvel Universe.


Disney, the popular Animation Brand, purchased Fox that lead to the addition of many new characters to the Marvel Family. To name a few Deadpool, Fantastic Four and X-Man to join the hands of the MCU in the coming years. But as things are coming, that Fantastic Four and X-Man will start from scratch but for Deadpool the story, even the actors playing the roles to remain the same. The dark superhero Ryan Reynolds will shine as he was previously and no change will happen in the storyline too.

If one has seen Deadpool and Avengers movie one thing that might strike him that is, the fact about traveling to the past. The same thing was explained by Reddit user Joonicks who said that Deadpool 2 requires time travel which ignores the basic fact on which the Marvel Universe is standing upon.

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One of the most controversial facts about the superhit Avengers: End Game was concerned with time travel. Although Marvel was quite reluctant about this fact and mocked about this issue and gave references about other time travel movies, it still is a discredit to the makers of the film. 

While many are not bothered by this but for DC fans it is utterly an issue of interest as to how their favorite superhero goes to the Universe where time travel is against their basic stand. 

But as the reports say that Deadpool is sure to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Avengers 5 as the same superhero character. Now the fans have to hold their nerves and wait for the release which is probable to be 2020. It’s just a matter of time that will illustrate whether justice is done to the character or not. Till then we have to watch other Marvel and DC movies and keep calm.

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