Home Entertainment “Scarlett Johansson” Said She Wanted Full-Blown Romance Between “Bruce” And “Black Widow”!!!

“Scarlett Johansson” Said She Wanted Full-Blown Romance Between “Bruce” And “Black Widow”!!!


Scarlett Johansson recently gave her fans the answers to many questions related to her characters and her. One of them addressed Bruce and Black Widow as well.

Talking about the forgotten romance

The star recently gave an interview and answered many questions about her profession. While talking to the Hollywood Reporter, the actress gave many answers, and one of these was about the romance between Bruce and Black Widow.

“Bruce” as “Hulk” And “Black Widow” In "Avengers: Endgame". Image Credit: MCU.
“Bruce” as “Hulk” And “Black Widow” In “Avengers: Endgame”. Image Credit: MCU.

She addressed the unresolved feelings between the two of them and said that something did brew for a short amount of time. But she also said that whatever choice was made was for a greater reason.

She did agree that she would have liked the prospect of a full-blown romance between the two of them, but she was fine with whatever the end product was. The romance fizzled very quick if we were to talk about it.

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Beginning and end of a romance

It started in the movie “Avengers: The age of the Ultron” and went through a discontinuous phase and came back in “Avengers: Endgame” but by then Black Widow had to die. And with Black Widow’s sacrifice, her romance with Bruce also died a tragic death.

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“Bruce” And “Black Widow” In "Avengers: The Age Of The Ultron". Image Credit: MCU.
“Bruce” And “Black Widow” In “Avengers: The Age Of The Ultron”. Image Credit: MCU.

The Marvel Universe is not really a hub for romance, but we have seen a fair share of romance being born there too. It was hard for all of us to have Black Widow be a part of the heroes who die in “Avengers: Endgame.”

But Scarlett says that she was thrilled to die with honor. She stated that the finality of the situation did leave her reeling, but she was satisfied that Black Widow had a death which was honorable and she was completely fine with that.

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