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Some Tea Spilled By Todd Phillip On A Possible Crossover Between Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker And Robert Pattinson’s Batman.


Joker, which is Joaquin Phoenix’s starrer was the talk of the town at The Venice Film  Festival and Toronto International Film Festival. Critics and Predictors have already declared the movie as an Oscar masterpiece, thanks to Joaquin’s Exemplary acting. The film received a standing ovation at the Venice Film Festival while Joaquin was honored with Tribute Actor Award at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Joker’s director Todd Phillip, lately, spilled some tea about a possible cross over between  Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker and Robert Pattinson’s Batman. Both movies have been creating a lot of buzz lately. On the one hand, fans are really excited about the new face of Batman, i.e., Robert Pattinson, whereas Joker has been critically acclaimed to be a masterpiece film, due to which it has made it grab the best film award at fest.  Phoenix’s exemplary and powerful performance is as Joker as surely caught everyone’s attention. Fans and followers are not anticipating if ever Joker and the new Batman would cross paths in the coming future?

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Todd Phillip, who is the director of Joker, denied such crossover news and confirmed that as of now there had been no plans on this idea. He shut down all the possibilities of Joker and Batman crossing paths during his interview with Variety. Hence, a disheartening news for the fans who were wishing for Joker-Batman crossover!

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The new Batman, as confirmed by Phillip, will be investigating a case in which citizens are dying very strange death. The movie plot will unravel the mystery as Batman will roam in pitch black nights in Gotham to find out the convict. It has been claimed that the upcoming movie will have many villains out of which one will be convicted, but strangely all are suspects. DC is back with a bash as both Batman and Joker are stealing the attention.



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