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‘Star Trek’ legend “William Shatner” blocks People on Twitter due to their Sexuality?


The 88-year-old Canadian actor William Shatner was a victim of a Twitter spat recently. The outrage grew into a massive fight between Shatner and his fans. Individuals accused him of blocking them based on their sexuality. They wanted to say that Shatner does not believe in homosexuality.

When confronted about it, he said, “Apparently they are friends of the BTS troll I blocked. So I guess that Annie made it about her sexuality instead of her harassment. Always be a victim; it will get you nowhere!”  (BTS is a South Korean band)

Shatner, though being an icon to many, did not accept homosexuality as a gender.

But Shatner had it coming; flooded with tweets from individuals, people asked Shatner to block them. Unfortunately, our Captain Kirk did not stop there; he started reciprocating the attacks by saying, “Is that what you are trying to make of this? Such immature types. So you can scream Shatner blocks gays to incite fake hate?”

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People gave Shatner names like Will, Bill, Billy, Billiam and Homophobe.

'Star Trek' legend "William Shatner" blocks people on Twitter due to their Sexuality?


Some of his fans supported Shatner.  Some claimed that people are trying to build up a ‘fake outrage mob.


YouTuber Mecha in her recent video comes in favor of Shatner by saying- There is a huge divide between the old fans and the new fans of Star Trek. She explains how the new fans are not fond of the old ones and how they do not understand the old cast. Mecha argues that if one does not like Shatner, they cannot be a fan of Star Trek. Further,  she moves onto how people victimize themselves, resulting in them thinking that they have a badge of honor.

Over the time frame, we have seen Shatner and his fans in similar Twitter spat. The question arises, what would happen next? Will this minimal Twitter spat rise into something huge?

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