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2 year old toddler Raped & Tortured by Mother’s boyfriend & then Killed


A Young girl aged just 2-year-old was murdered by her mother’s boyfriend after torturing and raping the toddler.

This freak incident happened two months later in Trenton, New Jersey when a 25-year-old young man named, Maison Andres Torres moved to his girlfriend home, after two weeks of the first meeting.

Torres, on the day of this dreadful incident, woke up exasperated and then out of nowhere, took the young girl to the bathroom and put her in a tub. This absurd men then mercilessly went to pour hot water all over the baby. The sweltering water made the girl wail in definite pain even though there was no stopping from the evil man.

Later this man brought the girl into the bedroom, punched her ferociously, and then suffocated her by his hand.2 year old toddler Raped & Tortured by Mother's boyfriend & then Killed

A neighbor named Oscar Martínez was returning to his home from work, and he heard the shriek from home on the 1500 block of Chestnut Avenue. He rushed to the house and observed a baby screaming in pain. He told the WCAU-TV that he found six bruises on her face.

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Torres was arrested by the official and is now charged with murder, sexual assault, child battery, and child endangerment. When Torres was accused, he told the authorities that the child had fallen from the stairs. The mother of 2-year-old Lia Victoria Merino-Rodriguez couldn’t suspect Torres as the culprit initially as he seemed to behave properly with the child. She wished the guy may rot in prison.

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