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Fans think Miley Cyrus’ Slide Away video has a bunch of Liam Hemsworth references


Miley Cyrus’ latest single “Slide Away” is her first release since her divorce with Liam Hemsworth. And fans are convinced that it is full of references about her split. The song has tones of separation and the ending of a relationship, and it came out after a month of her divorce.

The lyrics of the song also seem to be inspired by her personal relationship with Liam Hemsworth. Words like “So won’t you slide away. Back to the ocean, I’ll go back to the city lights” that seem to nod at their backgrounds, Liam is from Australia and Miley is from LA.

“You say that everything changed. You’re right, we’re grown now.” Miley, after her split, had said that the divorce had happened because they both had evolved into different personalities. These lyrics do seem like a reference to that.

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In the video, the fans spotted a ten of hearts card at the bottom of the pool and have deduced that it signifies the end of their 10-year long relationship. In the beginning of the video, alcohol bottles and wine glasses are shown floating in a pool. Fans think that these images are a shade to Liam’s alleged addiction to drugs and alcohol.

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Miley is also seen floating in the water alone, and fans think this could represent her moving on and being comfortable on her own. Some even believe this could be a reference to her rumored relationship with Kaitlyn Carter, or just merely a portrayal of her being lonely after the split.

These are all theories that the fans have deduced from Miley’s latest song, Slide Away.



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