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Maddox finally speaks about his relationship tensions with father Brad Pitt


Maddox speaks about his troubled relationship with father Brad Pitt in a rare interview.

Angelina and Brad Pitt’s son Maddox has finally been vocal about his troublesome relationship with his father. Yes, a video is recently making rounds where Maddox is facing an interview. The video has Maddox talking about his decision to moving to South Korea for his further studies. The video also shows Maddox talks about his relationship with Brad, where the tension between the two seems to be drifting the two apart.

In the video that was one and a half minute long, we see Maddox answering the question of an unknown source. With what appears in the videos, we kind of assume that it was shot in his college campus.

The interviewer asks Maddox whether or not his siblings happy about him moving to another country. Maddox clearly replies that he hopes that they are. But when Maddox is asked if his father Brad would visit him in his college, Maddox tried to hint about how he was clueless about it. Further, when the interviewer put up a direct question on their relationship, Maddox said that he would take things as it comes.

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Reports were that Jolie filed for divorce from Brad following his a feud with Maddox in 2016. However, this also led to Brad being investigated for child abuse which he eventually cleared off. The reports were that a drunk Brad once tried to attack Maddox on a flight. The issue was so big that the ground authorities had to intervene after the family landed in Los Angeles.

A source once reported that Maddox and Brad have not spoken much to each other forth the fight that broke down between the two. However, this led to Brad coming out about his alcohol abuse and his efforts in trying to quitting it. Brad has also given interviews where he said he had quit completely. Well, a source in the past also reported that Maddox did not consider himself as Brad’s son.

Will this father-son bond ever mend or what the future has in store for them? To be the first to find out, stay tuned to Union Journalism.

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