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Serena Williams takes the ramp by storm with her little 2-year-ols daughter Olympia in arms; The mother-daughter duo rocked the stage


Not long after losing her match at the US Open Finals, Serena William takes the ramp for her own fashion line. Yes, the S by Serena Williams’s new collection is here. And this round, she did not grace the ramp alone; instead, her 2-year-old daughter Olympia was there with her.

Little Olympia was with her mother to follow the traditional post-show bow. Serena wore a snakeskin mini skirt as she walked the ramp carrying her daughter Olympia in her arms.
Moreover, some of the celebrity fans of this tennis maestro were present at her event. Big personalities like Kim Kardashian, Gayle King and Editor of Vogue Magazine, Anna Wintour, attended the show.

Also, Tarana Burke, who started off the #MeToo movement, was present there. She appreciated Serena’s efforts and also called her a symbol of strength in different ways. Further, she added that she will always support the tennis legend.
The runway show was organized in Manhattan.

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The first to be displayed were beautiful brown coats in trench style. Forth this entered suits made out of the same fabric paired with an asymmetrical skirt in a wrap style. Following this were pants and saggy sweaters and then dresses and tops with animal prints also made their way.

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The collection quite evidently showed that the 37-year-old was a fan of prints in bold colors. Prints in purple hues, blue, and black and white said it all. The most striking moment on the ramp was the entry of the two models wearing the same dress in different sizes. Well, the two walking side by side was a sight to watch. Her line is quite inclusive in terms of bold colors and a variety of sizes this season.

Later Serena accepted on the red carpet that her pieces were created to break the rigidness of size, color, and backgrounds. She created them to make women feel beautiful.

Burke too appreciated the diversity Serena brought on the runway. Nevertheless, she gave a remark that fashion was another world that Williams was ready to conquer.

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