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Stranger Things Theories: Will Season 4 Make A Surprise Comeback In 2020?


The Netflix is yet to announce the roll-out of the fourth season of the Stranger Things. Given the show’s popularity,  there’s hardly any doubt that the Duffer brothers will bring back the show for another trip.

Will Season 4 be out any soon?

According to a feature carried out by seventeen.com a keen fan identified as ‘Reddit user docdrazen’ analyzed several frames from several seasons three episodes as well as behind-the-scenes footage, and has come up with a rather convincing argument that season four could hit the screens way sooner than we thought.

The fan has reportedly focused on the drawings that could be seen in Will Byers’s room in the set tour video Netflix posted on YouTube.

403: Key to the mystery?

The picture that the said viewer identified was a man wearing a prisoner’s outfit, which fans are believed to be Hopper. Although they are not sure whether or not Hopper is “the American” mentioned in the latest season’s mid-credits sequence. A close look at the picture in question reveals the number 403 all over.

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Source: Netflix

This number appealed to the fans because it’s the same number that appears on the door of the hospital room where Nancy Wheeler visits Mrs. Driscoll in season 3.

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What’s the rationale behind using the same number?

The viewer wonders whether it’s because the show could make a surprise comeback on… 3rd of April or indeed the 4th of March.

This is backed up by another few theories that anticipated the show would take place in the month of April – and could even have a shocking link to the Chernobyl disaster, which took place on April 1986, six months on from where season three left off.

Another hint came to forth when in an interview to In Poland star Cara Buono (Karen Wheeler) revealed that the show goes to the floor this October.

Independent concluded that “while it wouldn’t make sense for Netflix to drop certain titles unannounced, it’s almost a no-brainer for Stranger Things, a show with such a dedicated fanbase that such a stunt would never affect its viewership.”

With rumors doing rounds and fans coming up with ‘strange’ theories, it’s time for Netflix and creators Duffer brothers to clear the air with a tentative date.

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