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9-year-old boy Tortured & Killed Abusive Father despite begging not to stay with him


A nine-year-old young boy, who was repeatedly abused and tortured by his father, pleaded not to send him with daddy but his plea was not heard that eventually led to the death of this young man.

This incident is subjected back from 2016 when a boy named Bradyn Dillon was brutally killed by his Canberra father, Graham Stuart Dillon. When the authorities were probing the case of nasty murder, they approached his mother on Tuesday, September 3, 2019.

The mother in the inquest miserably told how was the boy when she saw him last time. She remembered the boy had multiple bruises on his body, and he told her that the father always used to yell and choke him.Chicago Police officer Near North Side

John Burns, the justice who sentenced Graham Stuart Dillon to 41 years in prison said that the boy had multiple cigarettes marks on his body, callous count of torture where the boy was tossed and rolled across the room. When Bardyn was killed in February 2016, his father made him bend over the coffee table and pierced him till he went unconscious.

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During the recent inquest, mother quoted that the innocent young boy tried to prevent himself from being tormented again. Mother repeatedly tried to win the custody of her son via Victoria Court, but the differences between states made her baffled.

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‘Please don’t send me back to daddy.’ The boy pleaded to the Victorian authorities and her mother, but unfortunately, this appeal was never heard. The mother, on the other hand, also tried her best to retrieve her son. She reportedly drugged Graham Stuart Dillon with 300 grams of Seroquel to take Bradyn with her. She even called the government agencies to protect her some, but all of the attempts was futile. The boy was killed.

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