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Avengers: Endgame theory REVEALS old Captain America’s age; Discloses Steve Rogers & Peggy Carter’s timeline


In an interview with WIRED, Jen Underdahl, the Visual Effects Producer for Marvel Entertainment, revealed the latest information that provides insight about Captain America’s old age and his relationship with Peggy.

In the video, she said that the team had received a brief about making Steve look like a superhero who is 106 years old.

However, it’s still unclear whether Underdahl meant that Captain was exactly 106 or at an approximate age within the same ballpark when he meets Sam and Bucky and hands over the shield to Sam at the end of Avengers: Endgame.

This information has caused a lot of excitement among the fans, and they have been trying to form timelines and guess the number of years Peggy and Steve got to spend together, based on this information.

In the Marvel Universe, Peggy dies in 2016 (in the movie Civil War). Fans have deduced that if Steve was 106 in 2023, and assuming he went back to Peggy in 1947, he and Peggy got to spend around 67-69 years together.

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Many other fan theories have surfaced as well. These are all speculations and theory for now, as Steve’s age is never clearly revealed in the movie, neither is the year when he went back. But as it is known Marvel has an official timeline, so the team would definitely know the exact age, even though it hasn’t been made public yet.

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Avengers: Endgame released in April earlier this year, and it has certainly left quite an impression on the hearts of the fans. The movie’s ending was definitely bittersweet, but getting to know that Steve and Peggy (Steggy) get to spend a lifetime happily together is undoubtedly one of the happier angles of the climax.

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