Home Entertainment BTS ARMY loses it over Jimin's shirtless snaps in a photobooth!

BTS ARMY loses it over Jimin’s shirtless snaps in a photobooth!


BTS ARMY loses it over a shirtless Jimin
BTS band member Jimin

Jimin shirtless? You can hear the fans hyperventilating!


The BTS band over the years has racked up quite a following. The fandom, known as the BTS ARMY, is currently the biggest fandom that exists in the music industry. According to Brandwatch, ‘”BTS” is mentioned nearly 600 times a day on Twitter’.

Their fanbase worships their every move. Since the band is on break for a while, the fans haven’t been getting enough of them. Therefore, understandably news of one of the beloved members going shirtless triggered a shockwave through the fandom.

BTS ARMY loses it over pictures of a shirtless Jimin
The Twitter post showcasing Jimin in all his glory


The picture containing three strips of photobooth clicks was posted on Twitter the other day by the K-POP singer. The post consisted of roughly 10-12 snaps of the singer sporting different expressions: from adorably unaware and fun-loving to a look full of sassy confidence. The catch for the fans was the first strip of snaps that showcases him removing his T-shirt and unveiling him shirtless.

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This post is believed to be a teaser for the fans while the band is on a well-deserved break, is freaking the fandom out.


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Fans immediately took to social media soon after with countless memes. Most of them portraying their reactions toward the post. The reaction memes included:

‘my heart!’

‘Dear Jimin, I Love You,’

Need an ambulance’,


‘*a picture of a patient in the hospital*.’



Each meme is reflecting the unlimited love the fans possess for the singer. Jimin, as a person, is most known for his warm and sentimental nature. He is a beloved member of the band and is considered by fans as being ‘too pure for this cruel world.’


BTS ARMY freaking out over latest BTS news
BTS band members looking dapper AF

The BTS ARMY also lit up social media with birthday wishes for the band member, Kim Nam-Joon, better known as RM, yesterday on the 12th of September. The ‘Rap Monster’ turned 25 yesterday and we’re sure that the band probably had a blast celebrating it. Justin Beiber joined in on social media as well, wishing the birthday boy.

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