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Christian Bale reacts to Joaquin Phoenix playing Joker, thinks it was very brave!


The Dark Knight actor Christian Bale has reacted to Joaquin Phoenix taking on the lead role of Batman’s arch-nemesis in Joker.

“Joaquin is one of the best actors around, you know, and obviously I worked with Health. You know it’s a brave thing to follow up that performance, and he always makes interesting choices,”, said Christian Bale.

Bale has played Batman in three films, most remarkably opposite Health Ledger as The Joker in The Dark Knight.

The film has been much appreciated by critics and also gained recognition at the recent Venice International Film Festival, and also bagged the Golden Lion.

Joaquin Phoenix is already being rumored as a potential Oscar nominee. Many fans also state that Joker is the best performance of his career.

Jared Leto, another Oscar-winning actor, tried hard to avoid the comparisons when he played The Joker in Suicide Squad. However, the changes he brought to the character, apparently seemed too off the mark from the character as depicted in the comics.

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The 44-year-old actor, Joaquin Phoenix, has reportedly lost 52 pounds to achieve the right role in the film. Furthermore, he has also learned to apply his own make-up to play the Clown Prince of Crime. He even maintains a journal, in which he notes down all one-liners and jokes of the film.

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Phoenix has received a Grammy award, a Golden Globe Award and three Academy Award nominations, for his work as an actor. He has previously acted in hit movies like Gladiator (2000) and Her (2013). He was also a part of television shows such as The Fall Guy and Hill Street Blues.

Meanwhile, the next movie in the Batman Franchise, directed by Matt Reeves is due to release in 2021, and The Joker will hit the theaters on October 4, 2019.


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