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“Jennifer Lopez” And Jimmy Fallon’s Dance On These Greatest Tracks Of All Time Will We A Treat For You!!!


Jennifer Lopez and Jimmy Fallon get together

Jennifer Lopez and Jimmy Fallon recently came together and pulled off a class act. They did something which all of have been longing for but could not see it happen since ages. Jimmy Fallon and Jennifer Lopez have had a history of being involved in plenty of late-night dance face-offs. This time around the duo seems to have leveled up and improved their game. Jennifer Lopez and Jimmy Fallon have recently released a new video where they can be seen dancing on hit tracks of the late 1980s. They compiled the music video such that over 21 iconic songs could be fit into a 4-minute long video.

A trip down memory lane

Andrew Lipovsky/NBC

Recently on The Jimmy Fallon Show, the main lead of the upcoming movie ‘Hustlers’, none other than Jennifer Lopez made an appearance to promote the movie. What went on and ended up as an incredibly interesting episode of The Jimmy Fallon Show, actually showcased a video where Jennifer Lopez and Jimmy Fallon could be seen together dancing to some of theirs and everybody’s favorite tunes from the 1980s. The video included hit tracks like Paula Abdul’s “Straight Up,” The Bangles’ “Walk Like an Egyptian” the ’90s classics like New Kids On The Block’s “(You Got It) The Right Stuff” and the Macarena. There were other tracks from the ‘Beatles,’ and MC Hammer’s “U Can’t Touch This.”

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Leaving everyone in Nostalgia

Courtesy- Live99. 9

The video was actually a timeline of the pop music in America. Starting with the 1980s then moving into the ’90s and ending up in the raging hits of the 2000s the video had it all and that too under 4 minutes of time. The latter half of the video included tracks from the modern singing superstars such as Shawn Mendes, Drake, Sia and PSY among others. It was a masterpiece, to say the least, which made all the viewers nostalgic.

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