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Kaitlynn flauts a ring with letter “M” on Date night with girlfriend Miley.


The 26years old “We Can’t Stop” singer Miley Cyrus was seen with 31years old blogger Kaitlynn Carter who was wearing a special piece of jewelry on her finger. Incidentally, the two were spotted leaving a hotel in Manhattan when the shutterbugs were ready to capture some good photos of the couple which got viral on social media on the very day. Fans and critics spotted a ring that Carter flaunted which had the letter “M” embedded in it.
Not only this time The former Disney star was seen posing with a neckpiece with the same kind of font where girlfriend Miley’s initial was present at the 2013 MTV Europe Music Awards.

A source recently informed a popular news channel that the couple had fallen for each other from the time they were seen kissing on a vacation in Italy in August this year. Adding to some of the unique features about the Former MTV star being a free-spirited, non-judgemental and fun personality is what makes “ Hannah Montana” star fall for her.
A source opinionated a few days back that Miley can be herself in front of Kaitlynn is one of the biggest freedom she holds. Cyrus and Carter’s PDA photos came out just before Liam decided to divorce the “ Stay” Singer.

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But it wasn’t difficult for carter who lavishly married Brody Jenner in Indonesia in June 2018 who were never legally wed as they couldn’t assume a licensed marriage certificate in the US. They dated each other for 4years and finally resolved to break up in August 21 just a few days back to the incident of the makeout photos of the girl couple that took the internet storming with curiosity.

Thus the bonding of Miley and Kaitlynn is to bind even stronger in the upcoming days keeping in mind the love and respect that the duo has for each other.

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