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Kim gave out details on how she tackled a peeing situation while visiting the Wyoming Ranch on Jimmy Fallon’s show


Keeping Up With the Kardashian megastar Kimberly Kardashian West makes a confession that is the talk of the town. Yes, the most famous of the Kardashian clan had to pee in a bottle as the new ranch bought by her beau Kanye West had no bathroom in it. Kanye recently bought a new ranch called Wyoming ranch for $14 million.

The 38-year-old TV star was last seen on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show on Wednesday where she gave the details from her recent visit to her husband’s ranch. Kimberly confessed how much she and her family were in love with the property. Moreover, she also told how Kanye took his wife and kids to see the cabin on the ranch’s hilltop before he actually bought it.

Kim also gave a significant detail about the place that is there’s simply no network there. In addition to this, there is also no charging spot. Here, she added the details of how the place had nothing and hence she ended up peeing in a bottle. Further, she also told Jimmy how being in the zone was making her lose her mind.

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KKW founder revealed how later the place Kanye bought had got a whole new hotel, a new cabin and a whole new everything built in the area when they visited it later. Moreover, she further added that Kanye wanted to have a little romantic night setup built on the terrace, but Kim turned his idea down.

The second eldest of the Kardashian sisters said how Wyoming has always been a complete love. And that she is more than excited to see her husband’s vision come to life there. We know that Kim is in love with Los Angeles. Yet she expressed how she looks forward to spending her holidays in the property.

Well, I know we all must have once peed in a bottle but when someone from the Kardashian clan does it. Then it ends up being a thing. And just when we think we had enough, the clan surprises us with something new and exciting.

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