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Kim reveals all about their relationship; And what Kim thought when she first met Kanye


After seeing seven years of Kardashian and Kanye team, we are sure that it is one of the power couples one doesn’t want to mess up with. The duo has been friends for a long time. But the two hit it off in 2012, and all we know is that it’s been bliss since then. Their relationship has progressed through the years, and it’s been a ride worthwhile for both them and the fans of the power couple. Yes, we have seen them in their collabs, and a bit of them in their reality show Keeping Up.

However, it became a thing recently when Kanye went on to interview his own wife. Well, Kim opened up about her relationship to her own husband itself while he interviewed her for Vogue Arabia. And what she gave out lends us a sense of how these two have grown up through the years together.

Although things took an official turn for the couple in 2012, the two had met long before that. To be precise, they got to know each other somewhere in 2002 or 2003. They met while Kim was busy spending much of her time with her friend Brandy. And West was making music with him. So, it was in a music studio where the two megastars were creating the magic that Kim and West first met.

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Kim confessed being shy around the rapper, which also gave Kanye the impression that she was Brandy’s assistant. Well, all of this misunderstanding did clear off later. Moreover, the two were committed at that time, although not to each other but rather to their respective partners. Hence, no one of the two took the initiative to get to know each other better. Nevertheless, Kanye West did leave his own mark on Kim’s mind.

And later when the two bumped again onto each other in 2012 forth Kim’s divorce, things took a turn for the best. And the couple welcomed their first child North in 2013 and also took their vows the very same year. Later they also welcomed Saint, their baby boy in 2015.

However, due to bad pregnancies in the past, the couple chose the path of surrogacy in 2017, and their daughter Chicago was born in 2018. Also, 2019 saw another addition to their the West and Kardashian family, their baby boy Psalm. Kardashian’s are quite supportive of their relationship, and with their blessings, the two continue to grow both in personal and professional fronts.

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