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Man Allegedly Attacked Transgender Woman for using Women’s Bathroom


A Transgender woman suffered a hateful crime by a man in which the man assaulted her and broke her bones over the reason of using women’s bathroom by her.

Lauren Jackson, a 29-year-old transgender woman, was severely beaten by an unknown man at an Oregon coast park near Newport just because Lauren used the women’s bathroom. The first-time Oregon visitor claimed that she got attacked by a man whom she never met but smashed her jaw and wounded her skull.

Jackson due to heck of injuries spent nearly a week at the hospital after the freak accident. Authorities found a man, an unemployed Idaho resident, named Fred Costanza responsible for the hate crime. He was summoned in the Lincoln County Circuit Court and was charged with first-degree intimidation, second-degree assault, menacing and harassment.2 Children, 4 Adults shot by two gunman at a Chicago baby shower

Despite the brutal attacks, Jackson claimed that she is healing and exhilarating. She further added that she was in the best possible condition of her life, loving and living the life more than before. Jackson mentioned that she was a man until last year and had a career in the music industry. But being a man never made her complacent in life, so she packed to seek a renewed life in a place she had never visited.

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Jackson was at Agate Beach State Recreation Site on Aug. 24 when a furious man out of nowhere approached her and began to punch her. Sometime later after ferociously attacking Jackson, Fred Costanza left the park with his wife. Jackson, on the other hand, was rushed to the hospital. The ruthless guy returned to the beach the next day and was arrested.

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