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Poor 2-year-old Baby Girl Found DEAD after her Father Sold Her For $10,000


The officials found the 2-year-old girl who has been missing for days. But the quest ended up in tragedy. The 2-year-old little girl named Nalani Johnson was found dead in the Pine Ridge Park in Indiana County.

A 25-year-old woman named Sharena Nancy, a Uber/Lyft driver is suspected and accused of the kidnapping of the young girl. Sharena drove off the young girl after giving her father, Paul Johnson, a ride. Sharena was arrested before the girl’s dead body have been found after Paul called Police as soon Sharena drove off with his girl.

But there’s a different side of the story from the accused woman. She claimed that she was only following the directions provided by Paul Johnson. She further added that Paul Johnson sold the 2-year-old for $10,000. She mentioned that she was a courier to deliver the baby to an unnamed road where two women on their SUV were waiting. Nancy handed the baby to the women who showed up in out-of-state number plate car. The allegations were denied by Johnson’s family.Police refused to file complaint of Gang Rape victim after husband sold her to settle gambling debt

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Reports claimed that Nancy and Paul became associated towards each other since two months and that day it was not a random Uber/Lyft ride as both Uber/Lyft confirmed that there was no any person named Nancy who used Uber/Lyft that day in that area.

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While the girl was still missing, Paul mother, Taji Walsh, told that no one in family new Sharena Nancy. Nancy is charged with kidnapping of a minor, and concealing the whereabouts of the child. But there is no evidence that tells who is related to the mother. While  Allegheny County Police Supt. Coleman McDonough promises to provide justice to the people involved.

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