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Super Glue Challenge In TikTok Goes Viral On Internet, Acquires About 5 Million Views!


New Trend Gets Viral!

TikTok has been the most popular video and acting site nowadays for people all over the world. Having an innumerable number of users, it has been an integral part for most of the people, especially the teens. The craze is worldwide and keeps on getting crazier with each passing day. Since it’s an invention, many videos have been made popular, many trends have gone wild and have been adopted by many. But this time it is quite different from the trend which is innovative to the core as well. Can you imagine Tiktok getting this much wild? If not, then you should surely read out this article to find the new trend which has already acquired close to 5 million views. It’s about the super gluing of lips to appear a bit more fuller and impressive.

The latest trend in TikTok where people super glue their lips with adhesive eyelashes just appears fuller went viral. It started when user @chloehammock4 posted a video with this pattern. She put the glue above the bow and stick the upper lips, so she appears full.

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Huge Views Followed By Comments

Being shared a couple of days back, it crossed 4.5 million views. One user wrote, ” OMG, I tried the eyelash glue thing to make your lips bigger, and it worked.” While another one commented, “Being black and having full lips is a blessing? Literally, everybody wants the looks they clowned us for.”

The video received a massive number of comments close to three thousand. A worth mentioning twitter read, “Imagine you are talking to someone and your lips fall down by accident.” Earlier back to 2015, Kylie Jenner lip challenge went popular. The teens witnessed sticking the lips in little containers to breathe the air out and create a vacuum.

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