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Missing 4 Crew Members Found Alive Inside Capsized Cargo Ship Off Georgia Coast


All the four crew members have been rescued who were trapped inside the cargo ship off the Georgia coast.

What All Happened And How They Were Rescued

It was a 40-hour effort that began when the 656-foot vessel overturned. The Coast Guard announced and confirmed the rescue of all the four crew members. The Coast Guard also confirmed that they are rescued safely and are alive.

“Operations will now shift fully to environmental protection, removing the vessel and resuming commerce,” – The Coast Guard via Twitter

They also shared the video of the rescue on their official Twitter handle with the above caption.

The ship was having 24 people on board that includes 23 crew members and one pilot. The Coast Guard shared this information with the media.,

How Did The Rescue Happen?

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In the beginning twenty people were rescued while the four crew members were missing. And the three crew members were rescued on Monday afternoon, The Coast Guard revealed.

The three crew members were founded from the ship through a two-foot-by-three-foot hole that was created in three-inch addition.

The coast guard said that their condition was relatively good. The other crew member was imprisoned behind the glass in an engineering control room.

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Rescue Operations Are Not Easy

Rescuers faced a communication problem with the South Korean crew members. And the ship’s chief engineer served as a translator during the rescue operation.

During integrity tests of the ship on Sunday evening, rescue crew members had heard noises coming from the ship that offered hope and concept of rescue.

All four crew members are safe and rescued alive.

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