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Mom of 4, Missing After Argument With his Husband, After she enters this room she is never seen again on surveillance footage!!

3 months ago

It’s been two months Cecilia Huerta Gallegos was last seen alive by everyone. She is missing from 8th July. She was missing after argument with his husband.

Let’s Know The Whole Story

Reyes Gallegos revealed that her wife Cecilia Huerta Gallego called 911 had cut him with a knife during an argument.

Police revealed that they both were arguing and fighting with each other. Reyes Gallegos revealed that she has run away from house and he doesn’t know where is she and why she is not returning.

Police Has An Angle To Investigate This Case

According to police, Reyes Gallegos knows many things about his wife Cecilia Huerta Gallego. Like where is she now or why she is not returning.

Police arrested Reyes Gallegos on last Wednesday. He was charged for making a false police report, a Class B misdemeanor.

Reyes Gallegos was also charged with physical assault. He caused body injury in a separate incident that occurred about two weeks before his wife was missing.

“After she enters this room she is never seen again on surveillance footage. Four kids were in the home during this time and the suspect is seen keeping the children away from the bedroom that the wife was in.” – Recent Arrest Affidavit

Police are checking on the CCTV videos near the house of the couple. And police is investigating from different angles and finding out the whole story.

Police are investigating the story from the neighbors or any eye witness if possible. They are assuming the culprit to be Reyes Gallegos her husband.


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