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Police Say Husband Killed Wife To Keep Her Quiet After Witnessing A Crime in El Dorado


EL DORADO COUNTY- The man inculpated his wife in El Dorado County made his first public presentation in a courtroom Tuesday.

Seemingly before a judge for the first time, Anthony Gumina could be seen sprinting up as his court-appointed lawyer shoved back his accusation until Sept. 24.

“He wasn’t facing anybody. That to me, body language, says a lot,”  – Revealed By A Family Friend

A woman, who did not want to use her name, said she was familiar with both Gumina and his wife, Heather Gumina Waters. She came to court adorned in pink to show bear for Gumina Waters and to elevate the consciousness of domestic misuse.

A new criminal protest states he killed her because Heather Gumina was an observer to a crime and was purposely killed to stop her from declaring in a criminal prosecuting.

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That maybe mention to a January case when Gumina was charged with headbutting Gumina Waters and tackling her while she held her 4-year-old son. He was also charged with kicking in doors and forcefully separating phones from his wife in order to stop her from dialing 911, revealed in court documents.

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“Last I saw them was back in March and things didn’t seem off. But things that happen behind closed doors are things that happen behind closed doors,” – Said by a family friend

After all, she said she did not focus on the signs of abuse. She will be back for every one of Gumina’s court presence to be with Gumina Waters.

“It’s a very sad situation and I feel sorry for her children and her family, and I really just hope that justice is served,” – She Revealed

Gumina is at the El Dorado County Jail without bail.

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