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“Snoop Dogg” Tried To Shed His ‘Pimp’ Status, Said He Is Now Tired Of Women Opening Their Clothes!!!


The gangsta rapper Snoop Dogg recently made an appearance on the ‘The Breakfast Club’ radio show and tried to whitewash his hypocrisy while reinventing his image. Among the talks about Jay-Z’s NFL deal, death rows he caught everybody’s attention when he tried to move from ‘America’s Most Loved Pimp’ to the ‘New Metamorphosed Snoop Lion’ of today.

From the “Lovable Pimp” to the “Laudable Preacher”

The stoner-actor-rapper extraordinaire who had openly committed to being a ‘pimp’ back in 2003 has now come to light while trying to talk about how he is tired of women opening their clothes. The veteran also spoke about giving love to girls and how he is giving all his previous doings and attitude away in the name of leaving it all for the Black representatives.

In a vain attempt to bury his former image Snoop Dogg has tried quite some tactics, and the newest one was him trying to teach morality to the newer generation with his words of wisdom on topics like these. He changed his stage name back in 2012 from Snoop Dogg to Snoop Lion as he turned a peace-loving Rastafarian and now he is trying to paint a new silhouette for himself.

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Luring people to gather ‘Good Attention.’

We all remember Snoop Dogg having scantily clad girls in all his music videos and album arts and now when he wants to get back in the game he is trying to lure people into believing that he is leaving all this materialism in the name of bringing change by saying words like he wrote all of his former content before Trump started dipping in it.

Well, the host did respond to his hypocrisy and let him have it. The man who spent years calling his pimping a fascination now wants to come to light and address everyone on how to treat women well? Well, good luck with that.

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