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“Taylor Swift” Fall For “Joe Alwyn” When She Was In Relationship With “Tom Hiddleston”, Her Song “Cruel Summer” Has All The Answers.



Just like all her other songs, Taylor Swift’s one of “Lover” track ‘Cruel Summer’ had made it to the headlines and managed to create a buzz. The reason for this song to grab the eyeballs are more than one. Apart from it being a great piece of musical work, the revelations that Swift made through her latest release are astonishing.


Cruel Summer’s lyrics have given a hint to many, that it was just months before writing and recording this song that she had started to fall for Joe Alwyn. But it is also well-known to her fans that at this time she was already in a relationship with Tom Hiddleston. Frankly, the lyrics of the song seem to validate this public perception. Some lines convey the secrecy which was maintained for a relationship that the singer was in. It is now evident that the lyrics were based on the real-life relationship status of Taylor Swift. But this portrayal of her feelings for Joe through songs is not new. Some say that her song ‘Paper Rings’ which talked about a lovely ‘accident’ that makes people go from being friends to lovers was also made for Joe, around the time when rumors of them being together were starting to gain the hype.

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“Taylor Swift” with “Tom Hiddleston”. Image Credits: 2016 Shutterstock.
“Taylor Swift” with “Tom Hiddleston.” Image Credits: 2016 Shutterstock.

Tom Hiddleston was also asked about these rumors back then and ever since. His reply was that he could not control what others do or think. After breaking up with Tay Tay, Tom had maintained that Swift was an amazing woman and he spent quality time of his life with her. He refrains from speaking much about the issue, but now that Swift has made serious revelations, we may get to hear something from his side. Swift, on the other hand, also teased her engagement in the song’s official video.


Joe and Swift together at a public gathering



Undoubtedly, Taylor Swift’s new song has caught everyone’s attention. Her fans are convinced of these interpretations and claim that no bigger hints can be dropped in this regard. Amidst all this, the media is keen on listening to Joe Alwyn’s views; maybe he has some more things to reveal. We leave it onto the readers to decide whether the hints are substantial or not.

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