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Thief Caught on Camera: Woman Steals Wallet from an Aged victim’s purse in California!!


A woman was spotted on camera stealing a wallet from an aged victim’s purse in a Northern California supermarket, police revealed on Wednesday.

In a Facebook post, the Walnut Creek Police Department told a woman and her accessory “worked in tandem” on Monday to steal the wallet in a local Safeway grocery store. Detectives asked the public for help in identification of the two women and included videos of the suspects before and during the theft as well as when they escaped the store.

The video captured before the theft showed the victim, wearing a pink sweater, in an aisle, choosing what looked to be deli meat. One of the suspects, wearing a baseball cap, proposed the victim while she has her back turned.

The suspect was captured in the video looking around and then walking away. The suspect came back several times, each time looking at the victim, and then looking around. When a shopper began selecting items right next to the elderly woman, the suspect suddenly walked away. She came back a short time later and followed the elderly woman as she escaped the aisle.

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The entire time, a second woman was captured dragging the suspect in the baseball cap.

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The video of the theft captured the woman in the baseball cap inward her hand into the elderly woman’s purse while she had her back turned and grabbing what seems to be a wallet as her supposed associate looked on. The two then escaped. Police are searching them and will catch them soon.

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