This is what Money Heist aka la casa de papel season 4 bringing to the table

PROFESSOR might DIE in la casa de papel aka 'Money Heist Season 4' because of this..... Release Date, Plot, Cast & More
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After the amazing series of money Heist season 3, it is returning to the digital platform Netflix for season 4. Season 3 of the series ended on quite an explosive note. Sure is all the information about money Heist season 4 and the time when it will be on Netflix.
The renewal of the series came long ago before part 3 was released.

Alex Pina, who is working on another new Netflix original series that is due around 2020. She confirmed that the filming of the fourth part of money Heist had already begun. Money Heist gained immense popularity internationally.

The beginning to seasons was aired on antenna 3 in Spain before it became and Netflix original for season 3. Money Heist Season 3 was released on Netflix on July 19th,2019. Around 34 million have watched the show across the world, according to Netflix. Since season 3 of Money Heist, the makers decided to add more runtime to the new upcoming episodes.

What to expect from Money Heist Season 4?

Sonnets wrap up events of money Heist season 3. The band is reunited again for a larger heist than the first one. All of this happens in order to rescue one of the members who was captured earlier. Moving on to episode 8, we get to see the states have been hight dramatically and its all-out war.

The Professor thinks Raquel is dead and calls for DEFCON 2 resulting in the Bank of Spain using RPG’s against a tank rolling into the storm. Due to her bullet wound, the destiny of Nairobi feels bleak, and the plan of the Professor appears to be in the air with the new peace negotiator who is family in control. Some of the fan theories are that Nairobi failed to look for the recent recap so decode remove the character.
When will the season 4 release?

Spinner had already confirmed the filming of the series so definitely we can expect part 4 to be added on Netflix by the end of 2020.
Will the season 4 be the Finale Season?

Given how the story is going on, we might expect the story to end in the next season. Thus buckle up your seatbelts for the season 4 might be the Finale Season of Money Heist.